French Bulldogs Are Adorable!

Look at these fuckers!

They little shits are so fucking cute it makes me want to throw up. How the hell could you get anything done with one of these around? You’d be all like, “fuck, I need to touch base with Mr. Strictland and close the big account tonight,” then this cuddly asshole would be all, “like shit your are, take me for a walk and pick up my poop while you’re at it.” Then he’d snort and drool and get some snot on your macbook and you’d be like, “aww hell ya got me again… come on princess cuddlykins”

This French bulldog named Samson used to live in my apartment before I moved in. He was fucking awesome. He even won a Nick at Nite’s Worldwide Fido award for cutest dog ever. You can’t make this shit up.


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