Hayes Haze does ‘da Eastern Bay: Part 1

Ever wonder what’s going on in that mysterious land across the bay? Hayes Haze decided to find out!

All aboard for the eastern bay! BART stands for “bay area rapid transit”. It’s basically a big network of trains that connects some other cities to San Francisco!

It’s sorta like MUNI, but it goes farther. But don’t get them mixed up (they are in the same stations)

Hold on tight! They weren’t kidding about the “RAPID” part! It’s almost as if they WANT you to leave San Francisco!

A trio of newspaper dispensers enthusiastically awaits your arrival to Berkeley.

Get a load of that “San Francisco Gaurdian” box! Keep on truckin’ berkeley! You’ll get your own someday.

Berkeley’s “Shattuck” and “University Ave.” I’m told it’s like the Market St. / Van Ness of the Eastern Bay. Funny, because I only see one car driving on it… and some parking spaces. It’s like bizarro SF!

Who doesn’t enjoy a little drink now and then? Certainly not the east bayites! A number of San Francisco-style bars line the downtown streets.

This one spices things up with a little bit of hometown school pride. (Berkeley is also home to an expensive and therefore prestigious university)

End of Part 1! Stay tuned for more from this exciting trip to the Eastern Bay!


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