Posted in December 2009

Look At This Dong (NWS, no doy)

Saw this hidden dick in my hallway today. Now I know how the guys who discovered crop circles felt. You can’t quite see from this angle but it comes to a sharp point at the end. WTF? Do you think the artist had a pointy wiener all his life and just thinks they all look … Continue reading

Hayes Haze does ‘da Eastern Bay: Part 1

Ever wonder what’s going on in that mysterious land across the bay? Hayes Haze decided to find out! All aboard for the eastern bay! BART stands for “bay area rapid transit”. It’s basically a big network of trains that connects some other cities to San Francisco! It’s sorta like MUNI, but it goes farther. But … Continue reading

French Bulldogs Are Adorable!

Look at these fuckers! They little shits are so fucking cute it makes me want to throw up. How the hell could you get anything done with one of these around? You’d be all like, “fuck, I need to touch base with Mr. Strictland and close the big account tonight,” then this cuddly asshole would … Continue reading